Our Production

Topp Europe CO grew from small machining shop 15 years ago to leading manufacturing and trading company in Zhejiang province. It is strategically located in city of Ningbo - important hub of free economic zone and major sea port. We are trusted and reliable supplier from China to international companies from start ups to leading multinational corporations.

Our concept "One Stop Manufacturing Service" provides obvious benefits to Buyers around the world by consolidating production and shipments from one location:

  • CNC machining facilities: High tech CNC milling and lathe machines. All major materials and super alloys including Titanium, Inconel and others
  • Die casting facility: Hot and cold-chamber die casting machines, parts from few grams up to 10 kg. All major Aluminum and Zinc alloys
  • Investment casting facility: Most ferrous alloys including stainless steel, carbon steel ductile iron, etc
  • Injection molding facility: rapid molding process, all major grade plastic resins , custom colors
  • Stamping and forging facility: in-house tooling, custom sheetmetal stamping and assemblies, close die and open die forgings
  • Special finishes and custom treatments: sandblasting, electropolishing , anodizing, powder painting, etc

What makes us different

Independent Raw Material Certification

it is a common practice for factories in China to start production relying only on material certificates provided by raw material supplier. This often leads to use of inferior grades and compromise on quality. We are different. Prior to production we do additional independent lab certification on each lot of raw material to guarantee that final product will be made in full conformance with the specification.

Supply Risk Management

We supply parts and components for critical applications all over the world. Timing is a major factor for client’s assembly lines due to limited inventory on production floor. We evaluate all the risks from production to logistics and safeguard for any potentially disruptive event. Our raw material supplies are scheduled from vendors with established record of deliveries. We keep at least 3 month supply of raw materials and finished product to support delivery flow of product in transit pipeline. We have alternative established routes and means of delivery both to North America and Europe. In addition we warehouse production orders in USA so that our American clients have peace of mind with regard to delivery on time according to their releases.

Global Outreach

Out representatives are strategically located in Europe and USA. It means we are just one phone call away when you need us.
No lost communications, no delay in replies, always in touch.

Let’s start working together today

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